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Students Learning through Urban Gardening (SLUG)

When kids get their hands dirty, opportunities for learning abound! SLUG is designed as a training program for Boston Public School elementary and middle school teachers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to lead students through a school year seed-to-harvest garden program. SLUG aims to provide teachers with the knowledge, confidence, and materials to carry out garden-based activities, both indoors and outdoors. SLUG also aims to provide students with food and nutrition education.

The Seed to Sprout School Track

BPS schools invested in making gardening an integral part of their studentsí learning experience are invited to apply for our intensive two-year Seed to Sprout School track. We admit Seed Schools once a year at the beginning of the school year; space is limited.

Seed Schools will receive hands-on, in-school gardening lessons from SLUG staff during standing monthly site visits. In addition, Seed School teachers will attend training sessions where they receive materials such as grow lights, seeds, seedlings, compost, and the necessary skills to make their indoor and outdoor gardens a success.

After one year as a Seed School, each school will graduate and become a Sprout School, still able to attend training sessions, receive certain materials, and request on-site consultations from SLUG staff.

The SLUG program is full for the 2015-2016 school year. To learn more, email