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Students Learning through Urban Gardening (SLUG)

When kids get their hands dirty, opportunities for learning abound! The mission of the SLUG program is to help Boston Public School teachers grow vegetables with their students.

By leading teachers through “planting to harvesting” and short-duration garden-related activities they can do with their students, SLUG provides the know-how for gardening and composting in classrooms and schoolyards.

BPS Garden Sessions
Free and open to all Boston Public School teachers, BPS Garden Sessions will equip you with the skills to grow vegetables with your students. No matter what grade you teach, you will leave with ideas on how to integrate teaching moments related to food gardening into your students’ curriculum—whether it’s in the area of scientific inquiry, plant and organism lifecycles, or observation and recording via language arts.

The Seed School Track
BPS schools vested in making growing an integral part of their students’ learning experience are invited to apply for our intensive two-year Seed School track. We admit Seed Schools once a year at the beginning of the school year; space is limited.

The track includes hands-on, in-school gardening lessons from SLUG staff during standing monthly site visits. In addition, Seed Schools receive grow lights, seeds, seedlings, compost and a growing handbook complete with classroom activities.

The Seed School Track is full for the 2012-2013 school year. If you want your school to be a Seed School in 2013-2014, please reach out to the SLUG Program Coordinator at 617-542-7696 or

To learn more about urban gardening and see photos from past participating SLUG schools, visit our wikispace at