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Urban Wilds 1976 Survey Report

In 1976, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) began the Boston Urban Wilds study to inventory over 2,000 acres of natural land not included in the city's park system. The 1976 report was the first of its kind and is still used as a benchmark for comparison with today's existing Urban Wilds.

This study began by defining Urban Wilds as "a valuable, even irreplaceable resource for the city and its residents; they afford great beauty, provide environmental and recreational amenities, and often are critical to the ecological balance of their surroundings." The 1976 Boston Urban Wilds report analyzed the use of Urban Wilds and summarized the importance in developing a strategy for their protection. Additionally, the 1976 Report's purpose was to increase public awareness and generate support for Urban Wilds protection. In this report, the BRA makes recommendations for the future of Urban Wilds and sets an action plan for future preservation by the City of Boston and other agencies.

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