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What We Grow

City Natives sells hard-to-find plants and gardening supplies to help your urban garden flourish. Plants and products are available March-November, whenever the site is open for public events, workshops and volunteer crews. Purchases can be made using cash or check. All proceeds support City Natives programming.

Native Plants
City Natives grows trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals for sale to local Community Gardens, businesses, community groups and individuals. We propagate and raise all plants using organic practices. The majority of City Natives plants grow naturally in the northeastern United States and Canada, though a small amount of non-native ornamentals are produced. To place an order or request the seasonal plant list, please write

Pumpkin Compost
City Natives produces hand-screened compost for fruit and vegetable gardens. We use organic landscape waste, rock powders, vegetable scraps and a healthy dose of crushed jack-o-lanterns to produce humus rich compost. Pumpkin compost costs $10 for a 40 pound bag.

Vegetable Seedlings
City Natives grows heirloom vegetable seedlings. We select high-yielding varieties that thrive in small Boston gardens. All seedlings are grown using organic methods. Vegetable seedlings are available for sale at the Spring Planting Festival & Perennial Divide.

Soil Builders
City Natives distributes a range of affordable materials useful in building healthy urban soils. Materials include Fish Emulsion, Soil Amendments, and Cover Crop Seed.

Healthy Food
Our weekly fruit and vegetable harvests are donated to Bostonians in need through Produce-to-Pantries.

City Natives Honey is seasonally harvested. Honey is available for sale at the Harvest Festival in pound jars with a decorative label illustrated by Ronan Moore. Additionally, Mike Graney sells honey and other bee products at events and in select stores in the Boston area.